What equipment is the spiral bevel gear applied to? What are the specifications?

Source:Zhejiang Ruiye Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.Release time:2019-08-07

Spiral bevel gears are widely used in domestic and international oilfield petrochemical machinery, various machine tools, various mechanical processing equipment, engineering machinery, metallurgical equipment, rolling machinery, mining machinery, coal mining machinery, textile machinery, marine machinery, shipbuilding industry, aerospace, forklift , elevators, reducers, aircraft manufacturing and many other industries. The spiral bevel gear is used in various mechanical equipments and exhibits its excellent performance. It is deeply affected by aerospace equipment manufacturers, shipyards, engineering machinery factories, metallurgical equipment factories, rolling steel spare parts factories, rolling steel machinery factories, rolling mills, Metallurgical machinery factory, mining machinery factory, coal mining machinery factory, oilfield petrochemical machinery factory, textile machinery factory, machine tool factory, equipment company, elevator company, aircraft manufacturer, reducer factory, coal mining machinery factory, light industrial machinery factory, rolling mill , rolling mill equipment factory, metallurgical equipment factory and other customers love.

There are diameters of 10mm-1600mm, modulus 1-36 modules, spiral bevel gears with accuracy grades of GB5 - GB8. According to the design method, processing method and processing equipment of spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear can be divided into German Klingberg spiral bevel gear, American Gleason spiral bevel gear, Swiss Olympus spiral bevel gear, usually Known as Klingberg spiral bevel gears, Gleason spiral bevel gears and Olympus spiral bevel gears. There are some small differences between these different types of spiral bevel gears, but the main parameters still have many similarities. According to the application environment of the spiral bevel gear, the various parameters are also very different. According to the different use environment, the spiral bevel gear can be divided into a centrifugal bevel gear series spiral bevel gear, a vertical coal mill spiral bevel gear, Textile machinery series spiral bevel gear, reducer series spiral bevel gear, automobile variable speed transmission series spiral bevel gear, rolling steel machinery series spiral bevel gear, mining machinery series spiral bevel gear, wheel loader series spiral bevel gear, side mixer series spiral Bevel gear, DCY reducer spiral bevel gear, DBY reducer spiral bevel gear, universal milling head spiral bevel gear, wire drawing machine series spiral bevel gear, cement vertical mill spiral bevel gear, oil field drilling machine series spiral bevel gear, engineering machinery series Spiral bevel gears, high-frequency welded pipe spiral bevel gears, stainless steel welded pipe spiral bevel gears, pipe-making machinery spiral bevel gears, cold-bending forming machine series spiral bevel gears, hard-toothed spiral bevel gears and other series of spiral bevel gears.